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We are the NEW HOUSE... The KS Media Group!

Welcome to the NEW HOUSE!!

We are Master Creators and Expert Practitioners Co-Creating the NEW EARTH with YOU!

The New HOUSE. A Whole new world, of possibilities and opportunities to connect and collaborate with experts. The Kornelia Stephanie Media Group, Proudly presents THE WORLDS BEST Experts in their field, converging as a Global collaborative community and elevating the new earth. The Pioneers of the New Earth, Voices of Light for the New Earth, Giving Voice to bring forth 5D Wisdom. Your One-Stop Shop to Master Creators in the New Earth. We are Affordable, Approachable, and Abundant. Why the KS Media Mastermind??? Here' what some of our influencers and practitioner members are saying about the value of the mastermind:

Nadine Searle of Calmer Self - Thank you Kornelia Stephanie It wouldn't have happened if you didn't bring us together. So very grateful!

Diane McClay of the Choice & Courage Company - Part of the value of this group is depth. Expansion. I create AND apply better in group when there are others to ignite and expand the creation. I do more with what I create when I have a group of like-minded people who can help me shape/make better/hold me accountable. There is a deeper level of connectivity for me.

Susan Axelrod, the Confidence Coach - The energy this group creates is more abundant/expansive, can be manipulated and used in different ways. This space has offered me a gift to understand self-sustainability and the foundation to build the best year yet, this year. Being a part of this group has helped me know who I am now.

David George Brooke, That Gratitude Guy - A group of people so smart, but not 'know it all's.' the weekly mastermind offers respect and trust. people here are action-takers. part of value is to consider what this group is not: negative/whiny/complaining/jealousy. not advice-giving.

Trish Campbell, Author of LOVE ME - So many people in this group have helped me see who I am, remember who I am. Everyone here has played a part in this. Also, understanding the shift of what to let go of, from the people to the support to the community... I'm in awe of how much my life has changed from being in the group. and the opportunities that are before me that weren't there before, that I couldn't even 'see'.

Meena Puri, Ayurvedic Healing Center - Our stories connect us... we share similar experiences through our unique stories, this is what comes to mind: each one of us is a wind beneath our wings - to help us soar in becoming ourselves and sharing our gifts.

Holly Dudash Upcoming Author of the book, Finding Your Real Jesus - Each of you in this group teaches me something in any given moment. I feel this group is a precious sacred space. I am feeling uplifted, inspired positive just thinking about Meena speaking about Miracles. That is something that I don’t think too often about in my personal life, but yes, I am in my sovereignty. Seeing your smiling faces, feeling your love and support is helpful to me. This group has been an epic discovery... to be brought on board so early in the process of building my own biz; to be around so many others who are successful in biz. The diversity and variety of offerings in the app/group, is so helpful. To find various practitioners in different disciplines is so helpful. To be allowed to speak my truth here is unusual and of such great value.

Biba Pedron, Business & Mindset Coach - I appreciate the accountability to show up, and the exchange of information/learning. And the partnership work as well, opportunities to get ideas quickly.

Tamara 'T Lotus' Hill, The Sacred Path - Just being in the energy of masters in this mastermind; even through my own grief, I was still able to plant the seeds and build a foundation in my business and that was because I was part of this group. The collaboration, the coaching and the support both in biz but also on a personal level.

Rosita Perez McLaurin, Discovery Coach & Realtor - When you remove distractions and listen - you will be able to hear and receive. Kornelia Stephanie supports group members in so many ways-watching videos, sharing Leads, coaching in business development, making connections, uses intuition on our behalf. She watch watches/participates/activates and shares our material with others which is a vital benefit in the overall business market.

"Our true state of abundance is our state of being" - Kornelia Stephanie

Kornelia helps group members with manifestation of what it is that we want to call in , after also helping us get clear. She is modeling a business structure that works and produces. There is real-time marketing in the app. Social media graphics created and provided for us to use to promote our App and ultimately our business. The Universal Question brings people in each week to connect deeper with their soul and get clarity and create the vision they want for their life.

Are you an entrepreneur who has been looking for your community of like-minded souls co-creating a new way of true authentic business collaboration?

So what are you waiting for?



Community. Visibility. Impact.

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